MS 319X

The MS 319 School is a five story school building built in 1919.  The pool, that was the focus of this project, was built in 1955 but had not been used since 1992.  One of the main issues with this pool space was the accessibility.  As it is in a basement in an addition, there is no access for the disable. As such, a new street entrance was provided as well as an elevator to service this space and a chair lift for transport from the pool to the locker rooms.  As the MEP systems in the locker room were antiquated, DVL's efforts were extended to the renovations of these locker rooms as well.  Also, during inspection it was determined that the pool plumbing systems were not compliant with the current health code and that mechanical and electrical systems servign the pool were not functional.  DVL designed new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems for the pool, locker rooms and showers to compensate for these antiquated, nonfunctional systems and to be bring these areas up to Code.