Cloth Academy

The Community Health Academy of the Heights is a college prepatory school catering to the needs of 6th through 12th grade students who have an interest in careers in the health field. The Community League of the Heights became aware of the need for the creation of this school after surveying the community where concerned were expressed regarding overcrowding, a lack of after-school activities for the youth in the neighborhood, and a lack of career directions was shared by the students themselves. When completed this site will include three facilities, the Community Health Academy, a local community clinic and an administrative facility. DVL Consulting Engineers, Inc. was responsible for the design of all MEP systems for the school building. Mechanical systems included custom rooftop units, roof penthouse for mechanical equipment and emergency generator storage. In order to take into account sustainability, mechanical equipment chosen utilized EnergyStar energy efficient motors. Electrical systems included all lighting, power, low voltage and emergency power systems, including lightning protection systems and occupancy sensors to control lighting usage. Plumbing and fire protection systems were designed for the school including drainage systems, gas service, domestic water, etc., with special consideration taken to provide for storm water retention and acid waste. DVL also provide exterior lighting for the landscaped area on the adjacent property containing a 13-floor senior center.