Brooklyn Family Courts

Full gut rehabilitation of a six story high rise building formerly occupied by the New York State Court System. DVL Consulting Engineers, Inc. was the Design Engineer for HVAC, electrical, fire protection and plumbing systems for a $65,000,000 project.

The fire protection system consisted of a complete hydraulically calculated system with new siamese connections and various types of fire suppression systems. Wet sprinkler systems and full sprinkler system were provided for this High Rise building.


The plumbing system included backflow prevention devices and double check detector assemblies. The water services also included bathrooms, chemical laboratories, laboratory preparation rooms, and full industrial cooking kitchen for 1,000 students. The waste, storm, and sanitary discharge systems included yard storm system, grease interceptor systems, and new connections to street mains. All DEP filing and coordination was provided as well as new High pressure gas system.


The HVAC system for this facility needed to be specialized to accommodate the very low slab to slab distances. The innovative HVAC design employed central rooftop HVAC units, and dual temperature, floor mounted, fan coil units within each space. Chilled water to fan coil units was obtained from a roofmounted, modular, air cooled chiller. This very special adaptation to the existing structure required that a new floor be added to house a new gymnasium with an interstitial space between the existing roof and the floor of the new gymnasium floor. The interstitial space accommodated mechanical equipment for the project. Intensive coordination and acoustical calculations were performed to ensure the HVAC system met the noise criteria in each space. All new incoming utilities and services were provided for this project.