Vaugh College

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology is a specialized school for students interested in pursuing careers in aviation engineering, management and maintenance.  DVL Consulting Engineers, Inc. became involved with the College as they looked to upgrade facilities and attend to the school’s issue with noise associated with their location in the direct flight paths of aircraft from LaGuardia Airport.

DVL was responsible for systems within a new Welding room, new Robotics Lab, new Electronics Engineering Lab, and new Mechatronic Lab. DVL also provided systems design for renovated Main Aviation Simulator Room, as well as renovations made to Battery Shops, Engine Shops and Non-Destruct Testing Labs.  These projects were completed within the context of a campus wide noise abatement project.

DVL was also responsible for the design of a new library addition for the college.  This was designed to be as technologically focused as the entire campus and contains several computer labs and all the necessary equipment to provide support to the students of this specialized school.