DVL Consulting Engineers, Inc. was contracted by New Jersey City University to provide design services on an “As-Needed” basis to service buildings throughout the campus.  The following were some of the notable projects DVL was responsible for the completion of:

Hepburn Hall Sprinkler System DVL was responsible for the modernization of the sprinkler system in Hepburn Hall, which is a historical building on the NJCU campus that houses the University’s administration offices and an 800 seat theater. 

Rossey Hall Nursing Departmen

DVL Consulting Engineers, Inc. was the prime consultant on this project involving the conversion of the fourth floor of Rossey Hall to specialized spaces containing the University’s Nursing Department.  DVL provided MEP/FP design services and coordinated with a medical equipment consultant to provide the necessary learning spaces for the nursing students.  This required major renovation of the space which previously held only classrooms into laboratories and administration offices.

Rossey Hall – Replacement of Major HVAC Equipment

DVL was also responsible for projects for the university that required the replacement of major HVAC equipment at Rossey Hall including replacement of a 350 ton low pressure absorption chiller, which in turn required integration of new chiller OEM controls to the existing campus BMS System.  DVL also replacement unit ventilators and fan coil units within this building that had exceeding their life expectancy.  Special accommodations were taken within these projects to not disrupt the educational operation of the building.  In addition to the design, DVL was responsible for bid management, bid analysis and recommendations for the Contractor, Construction Management and for final sign off of the project.