Building Integration Modeling (BIM)

DVL’s commitment to technology spans from system designs to our own office practices.  With the inclusion of BIM/Revit 3-D modeling, DVL was able to provide for more efficient coordination between trades and between consultants.  The utilization of BIM also creates clarity of vision and a product that requires minimal redesign or revision as the project reaches completion. 

Sustainable Design Solutions

In our fast, changing world, sustainable design has become an industry standard especially as it applies to new construction projects.  Prior to this, DVL was involved in making Green Building Practices a part of the construction industry. In 2006, DVL participated with the NYC School Construction Authority in the creation of the Green Schools Guide to establish standards for the building and renovation of NYC schools.

DVL continues to maintain itself at the cutting edge of new solutions and as a member of a design team, we understand and undertake a role to improve energy efficiency and to address new challenges that are presented.